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What's the deal here?

For professionals in the hospitality industry as well as in the tourism industry in Europe, we are advancing digitalisation with our service.
The connection of a world well-known shape of the pyramid, together with your unique QR Code and a secure and powerful Server in the Cloud makes many things possible. Data protection is an integral part.

What is pyramid?

You can get the QRPYRAMIDE from different materials. We offer you in our Portal  sixteen (16) individually crafted Designs for a variety of purposes. The Material of our three isosceles pyramid printed is made of 300g cardboard, 4c.

The four-surface QRPYRAMIDE can you get from a wood. Here's your QR will be laser engraved Code on a brass or copper plate (40x40x1 mm), and the Name of your company lasered in the wood.

You like it even more exclusive, you can get your QRPYRAMIDE from plastic, metal, ceramic, marble or even glass. Please contact our Team for any questions you have available.

What is the cost?

You can get the QRPYRAMIDE in four-colour designs as early as from 499 EUR once zplus VAT at the statutory rate. Of course you can also design your own individual pyramid. Just as you like.

We calculate no ongoing costs. You purchase your QRPYRAMIDEN and uses all of the digital functions, as long as you want.

In addition, You'll at no extra cost from the continuous further development of our overall system.

License request?

We have patented the whole Service of the QRPYRAMIDE. Both the brand and image rights as well as the use patterns are protected by law. We are happy to offer a paid license to use.

What is a QR-Code?

QR Code stands for "Quick Response Code", and is a type of Barcode was invented by the company Denso Wave in 1994 for use in the industry.

QR Code commercial?

All of the QR-Code image files are free and can be used for any purpose.

How often to scan the QR Code?

You can scan the QR Code as often as you like. There is no limit

More Questions?

What questions can we answer for you ?

Write to us or call us.


The operation works immediately. The interface is clean and easy to use.


Our solution supports all modern Smartphones and Tablets. And POS Systems 😉


Digital menus can be changed immediately and do not need to be printed.

How does that work, exactly?

You are Gastro or Tourism ?

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With the QRPYRAMIDE, a wide variety of information can be made available easily and conveniently. Access is convenient via smartphone. Your customer accesses the QRPYRAMIDE hygienically and contactless. contactless.
You will take care of all your content and if not, our Service Team with advice and act to the side.


Behind your menu will be treated as a file. Point your menu as a dynamic and selectable list available. Have your guests choose a convenient way for drinks and meals and enter the personal data digitally and can be tracked via a form.
The season bring menus in the QRPYRAMIDE and let's evaluate your guests. Everything is in your hands. Efficient, Fast and Safe!


The recognition of the pyramid of power directly to the attention of. A series of prominent and placed, can provide the QRPYRAMIDE fast, efficient and hygienic with the a variety of information for tourists.
Anyone who uses a QRPYRAMIDE will find their way around immediately. Tourist highlights, local history, events and much more. Everything can be made available via the secure server. Photos, videos and other media are also no problem.

Sales people wanted

We are looking for experienced and motivated sales professionals for the German and European market. You should be interested in complex systems and be open to new ways.
Unser Gründer Michael steht für Rückfragen gern zur Verfügung.  Wir freuen uns auf deinen Anruf


World-Renowned Design
smart functions
very well combined

Stephan Serfling (Customer)

We are the first restaurateur in Switzerland to use the QRPYRAMIDE here in the BÜCHELI café lounge bar successful. Our customers are really enthusiastic about the contactless options. Thank you.

Riccardo Giambonini

As Craft business with decades of experience we are pleased to have as a Premium Partner to produce the QRPYRAMIDE from the renewable raw material wood with a master hand.
A great idea

Dirk Evers

As for me inventor the idea I was told immediately. Within a very short time we have in store for my Restaurant Badsha the QRPYRAMIDE implemented. A class performance.

Baljinder Turna

I've seen the great Designs, and wanted to implement their own ideas. No Problem. Now I have a great Design
for my Ristorante Mediterraneo.

Salvatore Capitummino

Since then, we have the QRPYRAMIDE in Ratskeller Salzhemmendorf use is perceived to be in addition to the selection of our food and drinks, the contactless guest registration is very positive.

Wilhelm Racing

All cloud functions included

PDF Menu - Digital Menu - COVID Registration Legally Compliant - Guest Feedback -
deposit your own content - many more digital advantages for you

Questions ?

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  • 300g carton 4farbig
  • UV weather resistant
  • Eco-friendly
  • WITHOUT follow-up costs

50 PCs



  • RAL colours
  • Stable and Durable
  • Stackable
  • WITHOUT follow-up costs

15 PCs

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